In memory of friends that have passed over Rainbow Bridge


In memory of

In fond memory of some of my four legged friends that have passed over Rainbow Bridge..


In memory of Franklin a little spotted Terrier that I walked for 11 years. Franklin and I had a lot of fun together exploring from one end of town to the other. He had the coolist eyes, they would speak to you.

Franlkin passed over Rainbow Bridge on - 2012 Rest in peace little buddy ! You are missed by family and friends ..

I took care of Shunka for around 12 years. She was full of surprises and anything but predictable. A lighting fast dog. She loved to ride in my truck. Sometimes after I would walk her.

We would drive around for a little while while with her head out the window..When we got to her house she would just look at me and wouldn't get out of my truck. I think she wanted to go home with me.

Shunka is missed by her family and myself, I know where ever she is, she is still giving the squirrels a run for their money.

Shunka passed over Rainbow Bridge - 7 /8 /2013.

Roise pictrured here in her bed passed over to rainbow bridge peacefully on Jan 18th.

Rosie the Basset hound was one of the sweetist little dogs I have ever taken care of. She loved to trot down the street at her own pace. While by dog standards giving everything a good professional sniffing.

Rosie was a taken in by her owners Susan and Gary Davenport after her original owner suddenly passed away and was given a warm and happy home for almost 2 years..

Rosie will be missed by myself and by all that knew her.  



Pictured here a Labrador Zack Black who passed over rainbow bridge on Jan 25th 2014.

I know he is playing with all of Gods creatures just on the other side of the bridge, where he will wait to see his owners again someday.

I got to spend a lot of time walking Zack over 13 years. It was always a lot of fun, although he tried to eat everything he saw.

Zack had a great home and loving parents Cheryl and Larry Black. He will be missed by myself and all who came into contact with him.

May you Rest in peace Zack Black.





Franklin to the left.. Made a lot of these paw prints over the years as we walked through snow, mud and rain. His owner gave this set to me.. (: 

Hobie was one of my first babies. She was full of life and a lot of fun to walk. I had to be extra careful because one of her favorite things to do was chase cars..

Hobie was a very vocal little girl and would let you know when she wanted something. Hobie was a beautiful little Sheltie and is missed by her family and myself.  Her little brother Pacey the poodle is still going strong... (:


Hobie passed over Rainbow Bridge on - April 11th 2012