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Just a few real customer testimonials.
Customers can be contacted directy upon request. I would also like to thank my loyal customers who I have come to know as friends over the years for their kind words. 

I've used Happy Hounds Dog Walking Service for many years. Barry is very dependable - he makes his rounds no matter how bad the weather. Most importantly he loves animals and it shows. My dog Maddie is always happy to see Barry! I highly recommend Happy Hounds.

Julie O.

April 8, 2014

Barry has been walking/taking care of our dogs for over 3 years now. He is responsible, attentive and caring for our two dogs. He has been flexible in short notices and communicates well with his customers. We have never had an issue! A few times he has stayed over at our house and is completely trustworthy. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a high quality dog walking service!

Brent B.

 April 6, 2014

Whenever Barry shows up, my dog Duffy goes crazy! His best friend has just arrived. Barry has become a very important and valuable part of our family. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants their dog to have a great new friend.

Julie K.

 April 6, 2014

Barry is more than just a guy who cares for our dogs! He is an important part of our family. We rely on him so much and he always comes through. He is dependable and in several years has hardly ever missed a day working. I have seen him with our dogs and they truly love him. When I leave for work I say "Barry will be here soon": and their tails wiggle in excitement. I am so glad to have him here and we have complete trust and faith in him.

Gail A.

My little Duffy has a mom that works all day with no one else in the house. Barry is his salvation every afternoon with long walks and a friendly belly rub. What I love most about Barry is his flexablitly - Yes today / No tommorrow / Can you and his answer is always YES !!! Like what professional would take out your Christmas Tree ? Barry did !! Duffy and I thank you Barry !!

Julie Kreer 1 /19/ 2014 


Barry - Happy Hounds Dog Walking Service, has been hanging out with my dogs for 13 years and counting. He has gone above and beyond what anyone would expect from a dog walker so many times over the years. He has spent nights at my home when I’ve had family emergencies or just taken a much needed vacation. He even looked after my cat!

If I had to list adjectives to describe Barry, it would go something like this -- honest, loyal, caring, responsible, confident, strong yet gentle, creative, competent and on and on. Whenever anyone mentions the need for dog walking services, I recommend mine. But the most important thing I can possibly say about Barry is that he has become my friend because of the love he has shown to my pets.

Cindy  Leesburg, VA - /24/2012

It is very hard to find trustworthy kind people who will love and care for your pets in a manner that is acceptable to an owner. Barry has been walking our first Westie for five years. We now have three and he has also been caring for them as well for the past four years.

Barry is conscientious, reliable, flexible, and most importantly, loving towards all our dogs. They love when he comes for the walk, they trust him, and it has been a very positive experience for all of us. I recommend Happy Hounds service very highly!

Elizabeth, Leesburg, Va - 4/24/2012

Barry has been giving our dogs mid-day walks for around 10 years or so. We found that the mid-day walks help reduce the destructive behavior of a young, energetic, bored dog. We continued them to make sure our dogs got some exercise even we were too busy and for those days when we got home late.

Now that our pooch is getting older, the mid-day walk is critical to help prevent "accidents". Barry is our dog's best buddy and she loves her walks. We have found Barry to be extremely trustworthy and reliable and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Hired Barry as a Dog Walking in 2000, and hired Barry more than once Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity

Jill  Leesburg, Va - September 13, 2011

Barry has been our dog walker for over 7 years. Throughout this time Barry has been 100% reliable! Our experience with Barry has been nothing but positive for us and our dog.  The peace of mind we have by having someone as reliable and professional as Barry come into our home, and care for what we consider to be a member of our family, is nothing less than priceless.  We can not speak highly enough about our experience with Barry and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Julie & Bruce  Leesburg, Va - 5/6/2012

Barry Horner and Happy Hounds have been taking care of my pets for more than a decade.  Barry is incredibly reliable, trustworthy, and, of course, great with animals.  My dog has a few wires crossed (although we love him!) and I wouldn't trust anyone but Barry to handle him.  
Barry is a great person, with a generous spirit. He genuinely cares for both my dog and our two cats, who view him as part of their pack.  Barry is a hugely important part of the smooth daily operation of our household.  We couldn't manage without him, and to us, he is part of the family.
Trish Leesburg, Va - 5/11/2012

"We recently moved to Florida after being a client of "Happy Hounds Dog Walking Service" for almost 12 years. We have only the very best thinks to say about Barry and his business. We wish we could have brought him with us to Florida so we could remain clients. He is the very model of reliability, honesty, dependability and goes the extra mile when something pops up.
Not only is he completely dependable he loves the animals and treats them like they where his own. Our dogs loved him. We have had him house sit for weeks taking care of dogs and cats, meds and litter boxes and he does a great job without complaint. In all those 12 years we have only had him not be able to come twice and that was when we had the great snow storm where we got 3 ft of snow. Luckily we were snowed in also so it didn't matter. To anybody needing a dog walking or pet caring or house sitting service, when you go on vacation, you can't go wrong with Barry and "Happy Hounds"

Mike Leesburg, Va - 5/2/2012

For the absolute best dog walker, pet and house sitter in Leesburg, you must hire Barry! He is 100% reliable, professional, and trustworthy of your furry family members and your home. I was referred to Barry from a lawyer friend of mine who used his services for 10 years before moving out of state. He even came to my aid in emergency situations. He really is the best, and my dog absolutely loves him.
Cheryl -S  Leesburg, Va - 5/5/2012

Barry is our dog walker and we consider him vital to our family and practically a partof the family. He is reliable and a keep in great communication at all times. It is such a help and relief to know our puppies are in such great care. We completely and totally trust him in our home and with our beloved animals.

Gail  Leesburg, Va - 4/22/2012

Happy Hounds Dog Walking Service has been our life saver.  Barry has been taking care of our dogs for over 10 years.  We couldn’t ask for a more professional and caring guy to take care of our boys.  He has been extremely flexible with our schedules and has always been very accommodating.  We all have jobs, but Barry really loves his job and treats our boys as if they are his own.  He has even house and pet sat for us – we totally trust Barry with our home. 
There are a ton of other companies we could have gone to, but we are very happy with Barry at Happy Hounds and hope we leave the area before Barry decides to retire.  Thank you so much for all you do!!
Cheryl- B Leesburg, Va - 5/7/2012